Seating Chart

Our seating has options for every budget, from our top front row seats, "VIP Goddess", to our general admission "Grand Duchess". Whatever you choose, you will be treated like royalty on your Girlcation.

•"VIP Goddess" Front row (LIMITED AVAILABILITY) (Reserved Seating)

•"VIP Queen" (Reserved Seating)

•"Queen" (Reserved Seating)

•"Premium Princess" (Reserved Seating)

•"Grand Duchess" (General admission)

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  • $99/day ($297 total) - "GA Grand Duchess" seated

    This type of general admission tickets are seated at the back of the main venue. You will be guaranteed a seat, theater style, on an unreserved, first come basis. This allows you access to see all shows, vendors and events at the venue.

    (Pricing per person)
    • Payment Plans available (See terms below)
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  • $255/day ($765 total) - "Premium Princess" (reserved seats)

    This is the 4th section from the stage. Our premium seats are reserved seats set-up banquet style, at tables of 8. A great option for our girls coming with a group!

    (Pricing per person)
    • Payment Plans available (See below)
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  • $345/day ($1,035 total) - "Queen" (reserved seats)

    The section 3rd closest to the stage includes reserved theater style seats, and fabulous views of the stage.

    (Pricing per person)
    • Payment Plans available (See below)
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  • $395/day ($1,185 total) - "VIP Queen" (reserved seats)

    The section 2nd closest to the stage offers the best views of the entertainment and exclusive service from our Girlcation guys. Reserved seats cabaret style at tables of 4 in the VIP section, this is most girls favorite option.

    (Pricing per person)
    • Payment Plans available (See below)
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  • $480/day ($1,440 total) - "VIP Goddess" Front row (reserved seats) (LIMITED AVAILABILITY)

    Our top tickets - the closest section to the stage - reserved front row seats. Cabaret style at tables of 4, right along the stage & ego stage. This allows you to be up close and personal with every bit of entertainment in the main venue! Paired with all of the benefits of the VIP section, including exclusive service from our Girlcation guys!

    (Pricing per person)
    • Payment Plans available (See below)
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Á La Carte Tickets

Reserved Assigned Seats
Price (per person)
Grand Duchess
X (GA)
Premium Princess
VIP Queen
VIP Goddess

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Pricing FAQ's

Reserved seats VS unreserved seats

Reserved seats: Your exact seats will be reserved for you the entire 3 day event, so you can come and go as you please without worrying about losing your seat placement!

Unreserved seats: If you choose a seating section with unreserved seats, you will be guaranteed a seat, however placement will be on a first come, first serve basis.

*If you choose an unseated section such as GA Standing, please note that this section is standing room only and will not have seats in the main venue.

What does my ticket include?

Your ticket includes access to the 3 day Girlcation event, in Cancun, November 1-3 2024. All ticket holders will have access to the main venue, with all main stage performances and vendors. (Please note you must also have a hotel room to enter the property)

If you purchase a hotel package with us, your package will include your hotel room for 3 nights.

We offer some additional ad ons that are available at our partner hotels and through our excursions, which are not included in your ticket price.

Your ticket does NOT include flights or ground transportation.

What does my package include?

Your package includes access to the 3 day Girlcation event, in Cancun, May 16-18 2025. All package/ticket holders will have access to the main venue, with all main stage performances and vendors.

Your package will also include your hotel room for 3 nights, ground transportation to and from the airport, plus an all-inclusive food and drink package during your stay.

(Your package does NOT include flights)

Can I book event tickets through another site?

Currently, the only way to buy tickets is directly through our website. Re-sales are not permitted per our terms and conditions.

Can I pick which seats I want ahead of time?

YES! For our reserved sections, you can pick which seats/tables you would like to sit at! If you're coming with a group, you can let us know and we will make every effort to place your seats next to each other, if available. We highly recommend booking early if you would like certain seats/sections, as tickets sell out quickly.

*If you are booking a ticket with unreserved seats, you are guaranteed a seat, but placement is on a first come, first serve basis, so you may not have the same seats every day.

When are tickets available to buy?

Tickets are available now!

Book Tickets Only

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What if the section I want is sold out?

We highly recommend booking early to ensure you get the section you want. If a section you are interested in is sold out, please contact us and we will place you on a waiting list. In the meantime, you can book the closest section to the one you want, and let us know you would like to upgrade. Then, if seats become available, we will let you know - that way you won't miss out on attending!

Can I change my seats or section after booking?

Yes. Currently, we do not offer section downgrades, however, if seats are available, you can always upgrade sections or change your seats within the same section. If there is a pricing difference between what you paid and the upgraded section you are moving to, you will be billed the difference of the current listed prices. Moving your seats within the same section will not have an impact on your price.

*You can move your seats complementary within the same section up to 2 times before the event. Changing your seats 3 or more times before the event incurs a fee of $30 per additional change.

If you arrive at the event and would like to change your seats or upgrade, we will do our best to accommodate you if space is available, however this cannot be guaranteed.

Are there any additional fees?

You will be charged applicable tax and a small handling fee to cover our payment processing/other related costs, which may vary slightly based on which payment method you select at checkout.

If you select a pay over time method, you will be charged a payment plan fee, which will be calculated at check out. Fees may be applicable for late or declined payments, if you request to transfer to another event, moving your seats or changes to your reservation, which can all be found in our terms and conditions.

All other fees are included in the listed ticket price.

Can I buy single day tickets?

Currently, tickets are only available for the entire 3 day event. As each day's experience varies, we want our girls on their girlcation to enjoy all that our event has to offer.

As we near the event, we may release a small number of single day tickets as an option, based on availability.

Will prices change?

Prices may vary as the event nears, or as certain sections become limited quantity. Once you have decided on coming, we recommend booking as soon as possible to ensure you get the lowest rates!

Should I book my hotel, flights, or tickets first?

We highly recommend booking your tickets first before your travel! Tickets to the event are limited, so it's best to ensure you are able to book your seats BEFORE booking other parts of your trip!

Our best option is to book a package with us, so you don't have to worry about booking your hotel or ground transportation!

Are tickets refundable?

You have 5 days to change your mind after booking, which gives you the option to cancel your reservation without any fees charged on our end. (Please note you may still be charged minimal non-refundable credit card transaction fees). After that, tickets are non-refundable.

Our tickets are non-refundable to ensure that our artists, venue and other costs are paid on schedule, for the integrity of the event.

If you need to change your reservation or do wish to take advantage of our 5 day after booking cancellation policy, please reach out to us as soon as possible, so that we may assist you!

*We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to protect yourself if you cannot attend, such as for health reasons, missed flights and other circumstances out of your control.

Do I need travel insurance?

We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance! Unexpected things can happen, such as health problems, missed flights, severe weather and others that may make it impossible for you to attend the event. Travel insurance protects you in these cases.

FYI, you usually purchase your trip (tickets, flights, hotels) BEFORE purchasing travel insurance, to ensure your entire trip is covered in the event that you need to utilize the insurance policy.

*Please note, we do not sell travel insurance - you must buy it from a third party.

How much will my trip cost in total with tickets, flights and hotels?

This answer varies significantly depending on the level of hotel you book + how long you stay, which airline/class you take and which event tickets you choose. The brilliant thing about our event is that you are able to attend with almost any sized budget, as your accommodations are flexible and your choice.

Our packages start at $2,300 for 2 people ($1,150/per person) which includes your hotel room for 3 nights, ground transportation and tickets to the event!

Flights can vary based on where you're coming from, when you book and which airline/class you take. The cheapest roundtrip flights can start at $200-$300, and can go as high as $1,000+ for first class, etc.

If you happen to be a local attending our event, you will obviously not need to worry about flights, and only need to cover your package price!

But for our girlies coming in from other places, we would estimate that the cheapest you can attend per person is around $1,350 (adding in the price of our cheapest package and coach round-trip flights). A more luxurious experience (nicer hotels, better flights, closer seats) might cost you in the $2,000+ range. A fully VIP experience (front row seats, suite at a hotel, first class airfare) could cost around $3,000+.

As you can see, prices vary significantly based on which level of trip you are going on, whether you're a budget traveler or a first class all the way type of gal.

(FYI, typically, the further out you book tickets and flights, the better rates you will get.)

We hope this helps answer some of your questions about your overall trip costs!

Can I split my payment between my friends or on different payment methods?

Yes! We recommend contacting us with the size of your group and your seating preference, and we will send separate payment links for each of you. If you would like to split your payment onto different credit cards, you may also contact us and we will send you separate payment links to split your reservation.

Email us at

When utilizing this split payment feature, all payments must be made within 3 days of receiving payment links for your tickets to be confirmed. If all payments are not received, we will either contact you to remedy and pay the balance remaining, or cancel your order and refund the other part of your purchase.

Please note, if using a group rate (10+ people) or special coupon, everyone in your party must complete their purchase for the offer to be valid. For instance, if booking with our group discount for 10+ girls, if only 9 confirm their tickets, the group rate will not apply and you will be required to pay the 5% remaining in order to confirm your tickets.

If you believe someone in your party may not be able to pay their balance promptly, we recommend either adding their tickets at a later date (while tickets last) or paying on their behalf and getting them to reimburse you. Keep in mind, tickets are not refundable, so if that person is later unable to attend, you will still be responsible for that payment.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans!

All tickets must be paid in full 2 months before the event starts, so payments will vary based on how far out you book your tickets! Currently, you can spread your payments out for 10 months.

To use this service, we charge a $100 payment plan fee ($10/month) on top of your ticket price + taxes/fees. (taxes/fees will be calculated at checkout, and will adjust your final payment amount.)

Please contact us at: and we will assist you in creating an order with a payment plan.

Tickets booked? Now add your hotel room!

OR - Purchase your tickets and hotel room all in one...

Our packages are pre-bundled options to easily purchase your event tickets, all-inclusive hotel room and airport shuttles for the Girlcation event!

Vacation packages start at $1,150* per person.

Or only $100 monthly* with our payment plans!

*Based on double occupancy, see all rates below.